Endangered Animal Sanctuary

Endangered Animal Sanctuary

Lambayeque (Chiclayo)Peru (Americas)

Program description

Animal care duties await you!

Try your hand as the assistant warden in a private Peruvian animal sanctuary, – open to all lovers of wildlife, and especially perfect for those who are conservationists or students of nature and zoology.

You will participate in the daily caretaking of all animals and especially in the centre’s efforts to create a safe habitat for all of the animals.

The Humboldt Penguins, which were relocated here were unfortunately devastated by the recent flooding that took place in this area. As a result, all but one of the penguins has died due to illness after this natural disaster. As the centre continues to work to assist the surviving penguin in quarantine and prepare for the possible addition of a new waddle of penguins, your help and support is greatly needed and appreciated.

This centre assists all sorts of rescued animals and helps to halt the decline of endangered species, as well as, spread awareness about the issues they face. Your involvement provides opportunities for these good works to continue. Even though you may not get to work directly with the beloved penguin population, every bit of energy put into making this habitat better for all of the animals supports the ongoing progress of the only centre in the region working to assist Humboldt Penguins.

Animals at this location include, but are not limited to:

-Variable Hawks -Ground turtle -Monkey Friar -Coati -Peccaries -Ostriches -Sheep -Sloths -Kinkajú

-Guacamayos -Manchin Monkey -Agouti Paca (large rodent) -Choro Monkey -Musmuki monkey

-Andean Fox -Howler Monkey -Crocodiles -Guinea pigs -Rabbits -Wild turkeys

Your role will include construction work, reforestation, cleaning, as well as the preparation of food/feeding for the animals at the centre.

Please note that while you might not have the chance to touch all of the animals (as some are very sensitive and get scared easily), the reward of your efforts will be in knowing that you help them to thrive and not just survive!

Project summary

Lambayeque (Chiclayo)Peru (Americas)

Environment and conservationWildlife and animal care

Total cost:

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Endangered Animal Sanctuary

Aims & objectives

  • Gain practical, hands-on experience in animal conservation
  • Assist the program and its staff with your efforts
  • Give you the chance to learn about, and bond with the animals that are endangered.

What's included?

  • Orientation and detailed information before your departure

  • A local coordinator to assist you during all your stay

  • Safe and comfortable accommodation

  • Pick-up from the airport or the chosen meeting point on your arrival day within the regular pick-up window

  • Daily transport to the volunteering projects and scheduled activities and back to the accommodation

  • Scheduled activities

  • Meals

  • 24h emergency support

  • Program schedule

  • Materials needed for your specific program

  • Wi-Fi internet access at your accommodation

  • Diploma / Certificate of attendance

What's not included?

  • Flight tickets

  • Visas

  • Travel and health insurance (we can assist you with arranging that)

  • Vaccinations

  • Extra nights

  • Non-scheduled activities

  • Private room supplement (if a private room is requested)

  • Drop off on your departure date

  • If you decide to change programs there may be an extra charge

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