Phan Thiet English Teaching

Phan Thiet English Teaching

Phan ThietVietnam (Asia)

Program description

You will have an opportunity to teach English to students who attend the local university in Phan Thiet, which is a fishing village in southern Vietnam. The students you will work with range in age from 18-24 and are likely to be at a beginner level. Most are eager to improve their skills, since the importance of having knowledge of English is starting to grow. Your advanced language skills, diverse culture and clear pronunciations will be welcome here!

The main focus of your teaching will be to engage in introductory conversation and help them to improve their speaking ability. You will attend part of their normal English class for about 45 minutes as a guest-lecturer. The local staff will lay the foundation for grammar and basics. Your greatest contribution to the class will be helping them to formulate questions and answer them correctly, through the use of examples and leading them in conversation.

Vietnamese teachers will guide you in the process. One method is to invite you to write basic conversations on the board and practice the new material with the class. Another method is to have one-on-one conversations with a student in front of the class, which you regularly rotate. Since chatting is your main job there is very little preparation needed outside of the classroom. Your efforts will help students with their pronunciation and sentence building by relating real-life scenarios to the specific types of conversations that might surround them. You will regularly attend the classes and have maximum interaction with the students throughout the day.

At the beginner level, most topics of discussion include, age, hobbies, family and travel. You can share information about your culture, as you hear about theirs. As the students’ levels gradually progress, so will the topics advance. Practicing dialogue with them, will help students overcome their shyness and fear of public speaking, as they build confidence to use their new English skills.

Vietnamese students are generally very excited to meet people from other countries and welcome you to explore all aspects of their culture with them. It is very possible that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spend evenings and free time on the weekends with some of the new friends you will make during your stay.

***Program is suspended during Tet – school holiday of 1 month (normally mid Jan to mid Feb) Also, During May – Oct the Program will continue but, participants may be teaching at a more rural location in a local English Center whenever University placement is not available.***

Project summary

Phan ThietVietnam (Asia)


Total cost:

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Phan Thiet English Teaching

Aims & objectives

  • Help students improve their English language skills and employment opportunities
  • Gain practical teaching experience, as you provide quality assistance to local staff
  • Engage in an intercultural exchange, as you make new Vietnamese friends

What's included?

  • Orientation and detailed information before your departure

  • A local coordinator to assist you during all your stay

  • Safe and comfortable accommodation

  • Pick-up from the airport or the chosen meeting point on your arrival day within the regular pick-up window

  • Daily transport to the volunteering projects and scheduled activities and back to the accommodation

  • Scheduled activities

  • Meals

  • 24h emergency support

  • Program schedule

  • Materials needed for your specific program

  • Wi-Fi internet access at your accommodation

  • Diploma / Certificate of attendance

What's not included?

  • Flight tickets

  • Visas

  • Travel and health insurance (we can assist you with arranging that)

  • Vaccinations

  • Extra nights

  • Non-scheduled activities

  • Private room supplement (if a private room is requested)

  • Drop off on your departure date

  • If you decide to change programs there may be an extra charge

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