Road Trip Best of Thailand 4 Weeks

Road Trip Best of Thailand 4 Weeks

All around ThailandThailand (Asia)

Program description

Along the way of this incredible 4-week road trip, you will teach at schools, immerse yourself in hill tribe communities in the north, experience Buddhist teachings with monks, trek through beautiful lush mountains and natural parks, climb through caves, stand under waterfalls, work in a home for the children, canoe on a river, also a boat cruise down Bangkok’s Chao Phraya mix in with the hustle bustle of the city street, visiting the famous Khaosan Road and much more!

We will bring you to the Northern mountains, the agricultural region of Isaan, the pristine beach communities at the Southern sea and many other places that will show you the best Thailand has to offer. There has never been a program that brings you so close to the truly authentic Thailand than this four week road trip.

You can join the program any week. The four different parts of this road trip are always running in the listed sequence, repeating every four weeks. So, depending on when you join, you would just start and end in a different place. This has no impact on your program. There is no recommended week to start with. No matter where you finish your program you will be taken to Bangkok and end your program there.

Mostly Thai style dishes will be served during the trip. This means that the meals will consist of mostly rice and noodles. There will usually be some vegetables and some meat in these dishes, but vegetarian options can be arranged as well. We do not offer Western style meals, but you can feel free to supplement the menu at your own cost to include any of your favorite dishes.

Train Tracks Northern Thailand

This program is designed to give you a full insight into the culture and local customs of the northern Thai people. Through traveling and helping in local projects, you will get to fully experience this gorgeous part of Thailand. During the expedition, you will learn about Thai Buddhism from monks at an authentic monastery, visit the “big giants” at an Elephant Conservation Center, explore Chiang Mai, teach at a local school and much more!

Dates 2020

Jan 13th,

Feb 10th,

Mar 9th,

Apr 6th,

May 4th,

June 1st,

 Jun 29th,

July 27th, 

Aug 24th, 

Sep 21st, 

Oct 19th, 

Nov 16th, 

Dec 14th

Trekking to Hill Tribes

Go on a trekking expedition to the famous hill tribes of Northern Thailand. During this visit you will be warmly welcomed by various hill tribes into their villages and livelihoods. Experience and witness the authentic way of living that these hill tribes have practiced for hundreds of years. This unique cultural encounter together with the beautiful and lush green covered mountain areas of Northern Thailand will make this an unforgettable experience!

Dates 2020

Jan 20th,

Feb 17th,

Mar 16th,

Apr 13th,

May 11th,

June 8th, 

July 6th,

Aug 3rd, 

Aug 31st, 

Sep 28th, 

Oct 26th, 

Nov 23rd, 

Dec 21st

Nomad Through Isaan

Explore Thailand’s forgotten region in the Northeast; Isaan. Travel by bus through this stunning area located on the Khorat Plateau and experience the true Thai culture and folklife far away from the tourist tracks. In this agricultural region you will pass through Loei and Khon Kaen provinces during this 6-day trip and witness the ‘real’ Thai lifestyle.

Dates 2020

Jan 27th,

Feb 24th,

Mar 23rd,

Apr 20th,

May 18th,

June 15th,

July 13th,

Aug 10th, 

Sep 7th, 

Oct 5th, 

Nov 2nd, 

Nov 30th, 

Dec 28th

Trunk to the South

Come and explore the beautiful South of Thailand! Whilst travelling through the provinces of Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon and Surat Thani by bus, you will witness and experience the thorough beauty of the Southern Thai culture, people and natural beauty. These locations include Angthong National Park and Thailand’s finest island: Koh Samui! While helping out at the beach and snorkeling in the clear blue sea, you will be warmly greeted by the very friendly and ever smiling people of the South.

Dates 2020

Jan 6th,

Feb 3rd,

Mar 2nd,

Mar 30th,

Apr 27th,

May 25th, 

Jun 22nd

July 20th, 

Aug 17th, 

Sep 14th, 

Oct 12th, 

Nov 9th, 

Dec 7th

Project summary

All around ThailandThailand (Asia)

CulturaPaquetes de aventura y viajes

Total cost:

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Road Trip Best of Thailand 4 Weeks

Aims & objectives

The aim of this program is to bring you closer to the authentic Thailand. Through different projects and activities, you will get to truly immerse yourself in the Thai culture, customs and lifestyle.

What's included?

  • Orientation and detailed information before your departure

  • A local coordinator to assist you during all your stay

  • Safe and comfortable accommodation

  • Pick-up from the airport or the chosen meeting point on your arrival day within the regular pick-up window

  • Daily transport to the volunteering projects and scheduled activities and back to the accommodation

  • Scheduled activities

  • Meals

  • 24h emergency support

  • Program schedule

  • Materials needed for your specific program

  • Wi-Fi internet access at your accommodation

  • Diploma / Certificate of attendance

What's not included?

  • Flight tickets

  • Visas

  • Travel and health insurance (we can assist you with arranging that)

  • Vaccinations

  • Extra nights

  • Non-scheduled activities

  • Private room supplement (if a private room is requested)

  • Drop off on your departure date

  • If you decide to change programs there may be an extra charge

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