Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy

ChiclayoPeru (Americas)

Program description

This is a small equestrian center created and maintained as an alternative for the purpose of offering accommodation for training horses that could be used for hippotherapy to physically disabled adolescents and children as well as education and teaching to everyone interested in learning about respectful and sovereign treatment of horses.

You will be able to have close contact with the horses, and your help will be with the general supply, cleaning, feeding, care of the horses as well as their routine fitness program or training. Depending on how much spanish you can speak and how confident you are, you will have the chance to have in-depth discussions with the students as well as their parents/families regarding the importance of the program, key evaluation points with regards to the improvements of the child etc.

Your typical day will start off with a breakfast in the morning. Depending on the school period,  your half-day work sessions will take place either in the morning or afternoon. These work sessions might comprise of cleaning the equipment (boots, helmets, saddles etc) and barns, assisting the veterinarian with daily-tasks, preparing food, walking and feeding the horses, maintenance on the gardens and fields. You will also be required to work with a qualified therapist from the center and assist them with therapy sessions. You will know if your work session is in the morning or afternoon during your orientation. On Monday, your orientation will start in the morning where you will get a tour around the facility, familiarise yourself with the local team and surroundings. You will also find out when your work session is during this time.

if you are qualified holster (experience and knowledge in horses) and/or therapeutic work, your schedule will be tailored towards your ability and willingness to do extra curricular activities such as teaching families how to carry on the therapeutic treatments at home, train staff on therapeutic practices or assist families/children on how to prepare the horses and equipment, teach balance, coordination and self-assurance in the riding of horses etc.

Although a certain grade of experience could be of help, It is not indispensable that you have a lot of experience in the therapy lessons field, but a willing attitude, lots of energy and motivation, passion for horses and riding is desirable.

Project summary

ChiclayoPeru (Americas)

Fauna y cuidado de animales

Total cost:

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Equine Therapy

Aims & objectives

  • Work with horses to build yourself and others security, self esteem and state of wellbeing
  • Develop your teamwork and skills through hands on activity
  • Provide you with experience and skills related to animal care.
  • Broaden your perspective to the situations of others that may not be as fortunate

What's included?

  • Orientation and detailed information before your departure

  • A local coordinator to assist you during all your stay

  • Safe and comfortable accommodation

  • Pick-up from the airport or the chosen meeting point on your arrival day within the regular pick-up window

  • Daily transport to the volunteering projects and scheduled activities and back to the accommodation

  • Scheduled activities

  • Meals

  • 24h emergency support

  • Program schedule

  • Materials needed for your specific program

  • Wi-Fi internet access at your accommodation

  • Diploma / Certificate of attendance

What's not included?

  • Flight tickets

  • Visas

  • Travel and health insurance (we can assist you with arranging that)

  • Vaccinations

  • Extra nights

  • Non-scheduled activities

  • Private room supplement (if a private room is requested)

  • Drop off on your departure date

  • If you decide to change programs there may be an extra charge

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