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Quick Facts

  • Name:

    Republic of Maldives

  • Population:

    approx. 373 362

  • Capital:


  • Language:


  • Currency:

    Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)

  • Time zone:

    UTC +5

Country Information

The Republic of Maldives is a chain of islands located in the Indian Ocean. Compared to other South Asian countries, Maldives is the smallest, and spans around ninety thousand square kilometers. It also bears the smallest population among the Asian countries. Maldivians mainly practice Islam. Even the legal system of the country is shaped by their practice of Islam.

Due to the stretch of atolls, Maldives is also considered as one of the most dispersed countries in the world. It has a total of 26 atolls. Your visit to this country will be a memorable experience as you will be lucky to enjoy in the golden beaches and crystal waters, travel from island to island and experience the unique lifestyle of the Maldivians.

Maldives has a tropical monsoon climate, and it is also popular for its rich variety of coral reefs and diverse range of fish, whales, dolphins and other forms of sea life. Due to these reasons, Maldives has become one of the top attractions among travellers worldwide.

  • Climate + -

    Maldives has a tropical monsoon climate. That being said, the climate in Maldives can be divided into two main weather patterns namely, dry and wet seasons. Even though the weather is categorized into two seasons, the temperature throughout the year changes very little. However, the dry season exists from January to around April.

  • Culture + -

    Due to the proximity of this country to South India and Sri Lanka, the culture of Maldives has been influenced by the cultural patterns of these two countries. Particularly, music and dancing has been influenced by India and language has been influenced by Sri Lanka to a certain extent. Like any other Asian countries, nationals of Maldives respect elders while following the Islamic way of living.

    In addition, since the descent of the Maldivians can be traced back to several countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Africa, and Arab countries, the culture represents some characteristics of these countries as well.

    During the month of May or June, Maldivians celebrate the Ramzan festival. The actual dates and the time of the festival may vary depending on the Islamic lunar calendar. This is the largest religious festival celebrated in Maldives. This festival spans for 30 days and during this time all Muslim citizens fast during the day. During this festival they celebrate the revelation of the Quran to prophet Muhammad by God.

    Maldives gained independence from the British on the 26th July, 1965. Since then, Maldivians celebrate their independence day marked by parades and national events.

    In the month of September, Maldivians celebrate a festival named Eid-ul Al’haa which is also named as the festival of sacrifice. The actual date on which the festival is celebrated may vary depending on the calendar.

  • Transportation + -


    Seaplanes are one of the quick and easiest ways to travel to resorts from the airport.


    Travelling from island to another can easily be done by one of the speed boats or ferries.


    Taxis are available in the major cities where a good network of roads is available.


    In the main city there is a bus service which operates every 30 minutes to take you around.

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