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Quick Facts

  • Name:

    Republic of Mauritius

  • Population:

    1,348,242 (July 2016)

  • Capital:

    Port Louis

  • Language:

    Mauritian Creole, Bhojpuri, French, English

  • Currency:

    Mauritian Rupee (MUR)

  • Time zone:

    MUT (UTC+4)

Country Information

The beautiful island Mauritius is a famous tropical travel destination lying in the Indian Ocean, about 2000 km away from the southeast coast of the African continent. The country was known by different names throughout the past as it was visited by a number of nations from time to time. And it was only in the year 1638 that the country was inhabited after the establishment of a colony by the Dutch republic. And later, in 1710 the Dutch colony was abandoned and then became a French colony five years later giving the island the name “Isle de France”. The country became a republic in the year 1992 under the commonwealth nations and currently, it is the 3rd most attractive tourist destination in the region due to its breathtakingly gorgeous beaches and the tropical forests. And in addition to this, the country owns the world’s third-largest coral reef which surrounds the island as well.

  • Climate + -

    The country is blessed with a tropical climate with two seasons which consists of warm humid summer from November to April and a comparatively cool winter from June to September. Hence there are a number of very rare plants and animals that are extremely unique to the island with great biodiversity. The country is relatively a younger island which was formed as a result of volcanic activity around 8 million years ago.

  • Culture + -

    This is the only country in this region that has Hinduism as the main religion with around 60% of the population. And apart from that Christianity, Islam and Buddhism are also practised in the country in addition to a small percentage of people who do not follow any religion. And as the country has diverse religious practices and the culture and ceremonies are highly influenced by the religions, there are a number of colorful festivals celebrated throughout the year.

  • Transportation + -

    The country does not have a railway system but has a good public bus transportation service providing free rides for the students, senior citizens and disabled people since the year 2005.

    By Bus

    The country has a number of bus transportation companies and out of which the major ones are namely, the National Transportation Corporation, Mauritius Bus Transport, Rose Hill Transport, Triolot Bus Service, United Bus Service, Luna Transport and Perle De la Savanne in addition to a number of individual operators. Therefore the country has roughly around 900 bus stops under a considerably big network that consists of around 200 bus lines.

    By Taxi

    The availability of taxis in the country is commonly higher in the main cities than in the surrounding areas. And the taxis are very useful when you travel independently and all taxis have the “taxi” sign written on the top of the cars. And the taxis can be identified easily due to the yellow square box on the sides of the doors which indicates the route.

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