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Volunteering Experiences is a renowned volunteer placement agency offering a wide range of international volunteering projects, solidarity internships, eco-tourism and cultural weeks. We are always growing, incorporating new programs to provide better travel opportunities for our clients. We already operate in 38 different countries!!

Our organization connects the volunteers with our partners in the host countries and acts as the support that volunteers may need during the whole trip. Before their arrival, we provide our clients with orientation and guidance and, during their stay we support our volunteers 24/7, provide safe accommodation, meals, transport and make sure they feel comfortable and happy.

By living the experience of volunteering with us, you are able to see living conditions of others and experience them first hand. So, in our programs you do not only ‘help’, but also learn and get integrated in the communities that we work with.

You have the opportunity to join any of our programs any time of the year. Immerse yourself in the amazing experience of making a better world!

Why choose us?

Volunteering Experiences sends international volunteers to trusted volunteer projects in Asia, South America, Africa, Europe and Oceania.

We provide our volunteers with a safe environment wherever they choose to travel so that they can have the best experience possible in their desired program.

Let us help you live an unforgettable experience!

Our Programs

We have an extensive range of international volunteering projects, eco-tourism, solidarity internships and cultural weeks as ad-ons to your experience. You can choose from education and childcare projects, environmental projects, conservation, wildlife and animal care, community development and internships. You also have a great range of locations from which you can choose.

We Take your safety seriously

Before your trip, you will be provided with orientation and a risk assessment for your chosen country and we will give you advice on how to act in different situations.

We will also give you all the contacts you may need for your trip beforehand and you will be provided with a 24 hour telephone number so that you can always reach a member of our team in the event of an emergency.

Program Support

When you join one of our projects, you join a big family. Throughout your stay, you will have the support and guidance of our local program coordinators, who will provide you with competent assistance and help with anything that you may need.

Our Accomodation

All accommodation is included during your stay on our program within the schedules / itineraries provided. Accommodation will be comfortable, clean and safe with adequate facilities and have Wi-Fi in most of our locations. We want to make sure our clients feel comfortable and enjoy an amazing experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Mission, vision and values


Through our programs we want our clients to live a positive experience, get involved with the projects and increase their awareness about life in developing countries. We believe this is the best way to make a difference to people’s lives in developing countries and make a positive impact in the world.


Increasing welfare, equality and justice in developing countries, while helping to make a social transformation in developed countries, promoting the respect for other cultures and lifestyles.


Equality of opportunities
We believe that where you are born, your gender, etc., should not define limits on your life. We work to increase equality and justice in a global society.
Sustainable living
We believe in a sustainable human footprint, living a lifestyle that causes the least amount of environmental damage for future generations to deal with.

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